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The fresh 2018-2019 Nissan Maxima – the 8th generation of the sports car, cars news, reviews, spy shots, photos, and movies

The fresh 2018-2019 Nissan Maxima – the 8th generation of the sports car

The fresh sports sedan 2018-2019 Nissan Maxima model year officially introduced to American motorists at the international exhibition Fresh York Auto Demonstrate in . Sport four-door sedan Maxima (A36), the model is the eighth generation and resumes the glorious tradition of four-door sports car (4-Door Sports Car) from the Japanese manufacturer. Read more

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[09.04.17 – Trio:06 am] Kaiser, Franzoni and Askew Win Mazda Road to Indy Championships WATKINS GLEN, NY – September Three, 2017: Kyle Kaiser is on his way to drive in the two thousand eighteen Indianapolis 500, courtesy of a $1 million Mazda driver development scholarship, as he clinched the two thousand seventeen Indy Lights title Sunday at Watkins Glen International in upst. Read more

The two thousand seventeen Tesla Model S P100D and the 0-100-0 Test – Motor Trend

The two thousand seventeen Tesla Model S P100D and the 0-100-0 Test

For quick electrical cars, stopping their battery weight is significant, too

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My brainy friend Doug Milliken sent me an email the other day to ask, “Whatever happened to 0–100–0 testing?” The 0–60 wars inbetween Tesla, Faraday Future, and Lucid has got Milliken thinking that these all-wheel-drive electrified cars must be accelerating almost as hard (in g compels) as they can brake—at the thresholds of their tires in both directions of driving force. Read more

Tesla Announces Hardware two Sensor Suite, Future Level five Capability – News – Car and Driver, Car and Driver Blog

Tesla Announces Major Self-Driving Hardware Revision and Future Level five Capability

Fare thee well, dear Autopilot, for you are being shown the door, albeit you’re not being ushered through it fairly yet. Embarking today, all Tesla vehicles will feature hardware to enable what Tesla is now referring to as “self-driving capability,” with Tesla CEO Elon Musk adding that Autopilot “does not represent self-driving any more than autopilot in an aircraft makes it self-flying,” which could be a veiled retort to German regulators. Read more

Fighting U

Fighting U.S. Auto Companies Looking to China

By Wayne Duggan, Contributor | Aug. 22, 2017, at 12:57 p.m.

Ford Motor Co. is exploring electrified car development with a hard in China. (Getty Pictures)

The U.S. auto industry has hit a bump in the road in 2017, but a pair of major players may soon be getting a green light in China. Read more

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