The Chevy Colorado s Fresh Diesel: Movie, GM Authority

A Look At The Chevrolet Colorado’s Upcoming Two.8L Duramax Diesel: Movie

Chevrolet has already sold a fairly significant amount of mid-size Colorados, but we have a feeling request will increase once the Two.8-liter Duramax diesel four-cylinder engine become available in the mid-size pickup later this year. seems to agree, predicting the oil searing engine option will be a enormous hit among consumers looking to achieve greater highway fuel efficiency.

Chevy brought their Duramax-powered Colorado out to the latest Work Truck Showcase in Indianapolis, where it attracted a stable stream of interested industry professionals, according to’s Mark Williams. The package offers up Duramax’s Two.8-liter diesel with one hundred eighty one horsepower and three hundred sixty nine lb-ft of torque and the same six-speed automatic transmission as Trio.6-liter V6 tooled Colorado, which should be enough to outclass the Ram Eco Diesel for pickup-truck fuel economy supremacy.

Williams took a quick look at the Duramax Colorado and a cutaway model of the engine itself on the floor of the Work Truck showcase, which is very likely the best look we’ll get at the engine until we can drive the diesel-powered mid-size later this year. Check it out in the movie below, and let us know what you think the take-rate for the optional diesel will be in the comments.

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Sam, Why is it always Chevrolet Canyon, GMC Colorado Not getting one. They way people been Howling about Diesels, the take rate best be at least Two:, I know I’m in for the GMC Canyon Denali. 😉

The Chevrolet Colorado will be the volume leader inbetween the two trucks and that is most likely why it receives more press. But rest assured jbisrite, the GMC Canyon will get the diesel too.

There are a few other vehicles a version of this motor should find it’s way into. Such as the;

The improved highway fuel economy will help with CAFE .

Don’t think will see this engine in any car platform, as GM lead engineers have proclaimed this engine to be a truck-only purposed engine; however, what is classified as a truck is pretty liberal, so yes the Equinox/Terrian, and even minivan, if GM built a minivan, would classify as a truck.

Just as a note – they snuck one into NAIAS this year too – it was the orange-metallic-colored one near the ZR2. I didn’t realize this until my fiance pointed out the Duramax badge while I was sitting inwards of it. The fact it comes with an harass brake is pretty fantastic.

I didn’t notice either, I was also there, thanks for the goes up! Agreed about the harass brake.

1st pickup to get my attention since the full-sizers became gargantuan, and the midsizers stopped getting development money to keep them modern. Looks good and a fine engineering effort. The Tacoma, Frontier and even the old Ranger are pretty good trucks reliability and work device wise, but they’re designs have been dated for years and none of them got indeed good mpg. The one problem with this truck; just like with the fresh total size designs, they are just all built for tall people or for brief people who always carry around step stools. Even however the 2WD will be a little lower than it’s big brother; it’s not much of a drop in height. The roof line makes it hard to gauge space out in front from the drivers seated position unless you’re tall and your head is near the headliner. Everyone else has to sit up tall and attempt to peer over the bondage mask to see gauge the proximity of close objects. Overall cab height is not the problem; nor is it the height for injecting the cab; just the bed rails and spandex hood height, and this truck goes the same way as it’s big brother and the Tacoma and Tundra. F150 and Ram not as bad.

How about an OEM come out with a indeed usable bed; like a Euro-style drop-side plane bed with all kinds of nifty drop-side positioning: fold out, down or off. The drop sides could even be made of raunchy plastic with regular sheet metal assets panels below the flatbed where the drop sides slide into for the down position. And then make a super-low, something different kind of rubber hood line, like is seen with the Euro vans that are kicking off to come on here in the States; or even a cab over if one can be made with good frontal crash protection. Put in a superb 4-cylinder diesel, and give me a manual transmission choice. Hyundai could do this…They make semi tractors for most of the world and make excellent diesels, so they know trucks and diesel engines, but have stayed out of the pickup power wars waged over here. Maybe this tuck and the Ram Ecodiesel Three.0 are signs that many Americans are becoming uninterested about who has the fattest, baddest power train on the block.

How will this be for towing. Used a Four.7 Dakota but found it underpowered. Now have Five.Trio Avalanche. And works well. How will Colorado Deisel compare?

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