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The amazing two thousand seventeen Tucson Fuel Cell

Meet everyday superheroes. Powered by fuel cell.

See how fuel-cell superheroes are making the world a better place.

They are among us. Hidden in plain glance, boldly switching the world. They look like us. They drive like us. Their superpower: the fuel cell. Indeed, no one could possibly guess that hiding underneath the bondage mask of this appealing Compact SUV lies what is potentially the most revolutionary fuel source on Earth.

Learn more about these everyday superheroes and the enormously efficient, environmentally friendly Compact SUV they drive.

place, day after day, mile after zero-emission mile.

Where to pack up now and down the road.

Hayward Station three hundred ninety one West A Street Hayward, CA ninety four thousand five hundred forty one

South San Francisco – Shell two hundred forty eight South Airport Boulevard South San Francisco, CA ninety four thousand eighty

San Jose – seventy six 2101 North 1st Street San Jose, CA ninety five thousand one hundred thirty one

Campbell – Valero two thousand eight hundred fifty five Winchester Boulevard Campbell, CA ninety five thousand eight

Saratoga – Mobil twelve thousand six hundred Saratoga Avenue Saratoga, CA ninety five thousand seventy

San Ramon four thousand four hundred seventy five Norris Canyon Rd. San Ramon, CA ninety four thousand five hundred eighty three

West LA – Chevron eleven thousand two hundred sixty one Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles, CA ninety thousand twenty five

Anaheim – seventy six 3731 E. La Palma Anaheim, CA ninety two thousand eight hundred six

Burbank Station one hundred forty five West Verdugo Avenue Burbank, CA ninety one thousand five hundred two

Costa Mesa – Valero two thousand fifty Harbor Boulevard Costa Mesa, CA ninety two thousand six hundred twenty seven

CSU L.A. Station five thousand one hundred fifty one State University Dr. Los Angeles, CA ninety thousand thirty two

Diamond Bar – SCAQMD twenty one thousand eight hundred sixty five Copley Dr Diamond Bar, CA ninety one thousand seven hundred sixty five

Fairfax – seventy six 7751 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, CA ninety thousand thirty six

Hollywood – Mobil five thousand seven hundred Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles, CA ninety thousand twenty eight

La Canada Flintridge – Arco five hundred fifty Foothill Boulevard La Canada Flintridge, CA ninety one thousand eleven

Lake Forest – Chevron twenty thousand seven hundred thirty one Lake Forest Drive Lake Forest, CA ninety two thousand six hundred thirty

Long Beach – Arco three thousand four hundred one Long Beach Boulevard Long Beach, CA ninety thousand eight hundred seven

Newport Beach – Shell one thousand six hundred Jamboree Blvd Newport Beach, CA ninety two thousand six hundred sixty

Ontario – seventy six 1850 East Holt Avenue Ontario, CA ninety one thousand seven hundred sixty one

Riverside eight thousand ninety five Lincoln Ave Riverside, CA ninety two thousand five hundred four

Playa Del Rey – Shell eight thousand one hundred twenty six Lincoln Boulevard Los Angeles, CA ninety thousand forty five

San Juan Capistrano – seventy six 26572 Junipero Serra Road San Juan Capistrano, CA ninety two thousand six hundred seventy five

Santa Monica – Chevron one thousand eight hundred nineteen Cloverfield Boulevard Santa Monica, CA ninety thousand four hundred four

South Pasadena one thousand two hundred Fair Oaks Avenue South Pasadena, CA ninety one thousand thirty

Torrance – Shell two thousand fifty one West 190th Street Torrance, CA ninety thousand five hundred four

UC Irvine Station nineteen thousand one hundred seventy two Jamboree Road Irvine, CA ninety two thousand six hundred twelve

Woodland Hills – Chevron five thousand three hundred fourteen Topanga Canyon Boulevard Woodland Hills, CA ninety one thousand three hundred sixty seven


Wrap yours in sustainable style.

These two fresh vehicle wraps are a beautiful way to draw attention to the Tucson Fuel Cell’s benefits for the environment and your pioneering spirit. Choose from two wrap designs: The Wave themed wrap is available with all vehicle colors, while the Topography themed wrap is only available on Winter White and Chromium Silver vehicles. And best of all, the wrap and installation are included at no extra cost. Just select your preference when you pack out your driver’s application. Want to go incognito? That’s OK, just mark your choice on the application.

Why the Tucson Fuel Cell is a better choice than Toyota Mirai?

Safety: Another essential element.

The Tucson Fuel Cell has passed numerous on-road tests for safety and durability conducted over an accumulated distance of two million miles. Plus, with features like its high-strength carbon fiber-wrapped fuel tank and several safety systems designed to protect passengers and very first responders, the Tucson Fuel Cell is as safe as any vehicle on the road.

Welcome to driving solo in the HOV lanes.

While the Tucson Fuel Cell’s motor performs just as strongly as an internal combustion engine, its only emission is water. And it’s just as quiet as a standard EV, while going further on a single fuel fill-up versus a single utter charge. Plus, the Tucson Fuel Cell qualifies for federal rebates and you can register it to drive solo in HOV lanes.

Who has time to wait?

265 miles on one tank. Gotta love that.

Tucson Fuel Cell sets a fresh world record.


Safety Features

How It Works

Slick, silent power in an instant. None of the emissions.

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