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Lonely Island Talk Michael Bolton, Disney Princesses in Reddit AMA

Pop goofballs response the harsh questions in hilarious Q&A

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To feast the release of their third LP, The Wack Album, pop and hip-hop goofballs the Lonely Island partook in a Reddit AMA that was unsurprisingly uproarious. The trio of Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone tackled everything from their fantasy and nightmare collaborator (respectively: Bill Clinton on saxophone; Beethoven because “Physically unlikely / Diva alert”) to lyrical inspiration (“classic American literature and Family Circus cartoons”) and which Disney princess they identify with most (Mulan for Samberg, Jasmine for Schaffer and Taccone). That scarcely touches the surface, so we've culled a handful of highlights from their AMA session – including one stellar Game of Thrones reference – which you can check out below.

Please describe Michael Bolton

Sexpot, cut from marble, generous, soft palms, Renaissance man, slick paramour, voice of gravel and silk, significant hog.

How do you think he would describe the three of you?

The indeed old sons he never had.

How do you get people like P. Diddy and Edward Norton to be in your movies?

1) hire a private eye to get nude pictures [of said celebrity].

Two) demonstrate nude pictures, but put one copy in safe deposit vault.

Three) text them, and menace to make them public.

Four) call their publicist.

Will you ever let Jorma on the boat?

How many dicks can you fit in one box?

Who was your dearest celebrity/musician to collaborate/work with?

We don't have a beloved; our collaborations are like our children, we love them all identically. But Justin Timberlake.

How did you come up with the group name?

It's named after the nickname for the apartment we lived in in LA when we very first moved there.

What are each of your beloved digital cut-offs?

These aren't necessarily our favorites, they are just ones that people may not have seen as much and we like. So they deserve a chance in the spotlight. Except for “Harpoon Man.” Which is actually Jorma's beloved, but Jorma is WEIRD. LOLLOLOLOL

How long have you guys known each other? And does working together ever put strain on your friendship?

We've known each other since Junior High, and we only hate each other 46% of the time. The other 50% is mild contempt. The last 4% is rapture.

Do you have to deal with very many awkward public moments with people yelling your lyrics at you? I'm picturing being out on a date and someone screaming “I JUST HAD Lovemaking!” at your table.

Yes. It happens a lot. “Jizz in My Pants” is the best / worst.

If you could steal a smooch from any dude in Hollywood, who would it be?

Chris Parnell. He's hot. 

A little over a year ago, my hubby and I were driving along, listening to some Lonely Island. I was hugely pregnant, four days overdue with our daughter. We were singing along, laughing, loving the music when BOOM – I went into labor. We continued listening and laughing all the way to the hospital, where my spouse made me wait until the end of the song to get out of the car.

So, I guess I don't have a question to ask. I just wished to say thanks for making me laugh so hard I had a baby. You guys are awesome.

Holy shit, we all just died laughing reading that! What song was it?

As her spouse, I can tell you it was “Jack Sparrow.”

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